About Avtor

Hello there, thank you for visiting the site!

Do you like cooking? It’s a brilliant, family-friendly hobby. What else can you do in winter? Bird watching and gardening are rewarding when it’s not cloudy or windy. Every day, you should eat scrummy, healthy meals. A balanced, varied diet is essential. It’s especially important when it’s monkeys outside. Recovering from infections, your body needs energy.

Cooking can be quick and hassle-free. It should not cost a bomb. Modern tech-savvy cookers and suitable cookware make it easy-peasy. I know it exactly. Do you think cooking is a tedious, time-consuming household chore? Creating this website, I’ll strive to over-persuade you.

Who Am I?

My name is Arthur. I live in a beautiful, ever-growing city, Lincoln. It’s famous for its historical scenery. You might know about the magnificent medieval cathedral and a picturesque river. In summer, many tourists come to visit the Waterfront Festival. The castle and the Usher Gallery attract them.

I am still a modern person, living in a vibrant city. My penchant for technical innovations is life-long. I am keen on cars, maintaining my own vehicles by myself. Here, in Lincoln, I work as a driving instructor. If you like traveling, I help you to hit our roads. Cooking is my other passion. I am not a professional chef, but make several interesting tasty meals from scratch. Traditional recipes help me to create culinary delights for my family.

The Goal of My Writing Prompts

Cooking should be safe and efficient. It involves:

  • modern technologies;
  • advanced, high-tech cookers;
  • suitable, high-quality cookware;
  • kitchen inspiration;
  • your cooing talent.

Your cooking skills and experience come with time. I won’t teach you to master them. A modern, responsive cooktop propels the process. It saves you energy, time and effort.

How to choose your ideal cooking equipment? Not only its dimensions, colour and design are important. Technical specifications, features and energy consumption make difference. What kind of cookware is compatible? I blow the gaff in my next blog posts. Read them and give your feedback, get in touch with me.

All the best, Arthur